Who We Are

President of the Board of Directors, Civil Engineer (m.sc) Atilla Önen, started to work in the sector with the company he established in 1965, engaging in the fields of project control, construction and contracts. As a result of expanding work load AGE Construction was established in 1974 with the participations of pharmacist Güner Adlı and Çiler Önen. AGE Construction became a joint stock company in 1988.

From our establishment to present day, as AGE Construction, we have been making a name with our pioneering projects in the Turkish contract sector and carrying the AGE brand to the future in the four corners of the world with trust.

AGE Group

Atilla ÖNEN - President
Selahattin ÖNEN - Vice President & CEO 
Çiler ÖNEN - Board Member

Bahri KÜPELİ  -  Budget & Financial Affairs Coordinator
İlhami ÇANGA - Document & Information Management Coordinator
Perim SUN TOKLUOĞLU - Asistant Finance Coordinator
Eray ARIZ - Accounting Manager

AGE Construction

Yavuz DİKER - Construction Group Director
Sezai AZİZOĞLU - Construction Group Coordinator 
Ulvi BAHTİYAR - Business Development Coordinator
Sabri AZİZOĞLU - Machinery Supply Coordinator 
Erdal ÖZDEN - H/M Works Coordinator

AGE Energy

Sırrı Vural BİLEN - Energy Group Director
Murat ACAR -  HEPP Operations Coordinator
Ahmet BULGUR - TEPP Operations Coordinator
Okan ÖZMAN - Energy Trade Coordinator


Our vision is, to carry out our undertakings locally and globally with the latest technology and our developed human resources and maximum productiveness, on time; to provide the highest labor safety levels for our employees, and parallel to our financial growth, to run a sustainable growth course with the awareness of our social and environmental impacts, making use of our nearly half a century experience since our establishment in 1974 to the present.