Human Resources Management at AGE

Our understanding of human resources management takes creating happy employees and teams who have a high level of corporate loyalty; who are value-creating and innovative, within the frame of AGE values and culture, as the basis. Mutual trust and ethical values are in the forefront of AGE culture, which forms the basis of our human resources policies. From this basis, our principles throughout our human resources management process are creating a productive and happy AGE team, through a work environment that; 

  • Values the employee,
  • open to continuous change and development,
  • prioritizes occupational health and safety,
  • is in compliance with national and international quality standards, 
  • is respectful of labor. 

Human resources planning which will enable carrying out works in an efficient and productive manner in our Company comprises of these processes: 

  • Choosing the candidates,
  • Hiring,
  • Determining educational needs and providing such,
  • Determining the competences,
  • Developing a career planning.

Hiring and Careers at AGE

We aim to recruit the candidate who is most suitable to AGE’s corporate culture and the position specific competences. Choosing the right human resource and evaluating in the most productive manner and achieving continuity through mutual and high satisfaction is always our priority.

Being self-confident, honest, stable, innovative, having strong communication skills, creative and inclined to team work are the common characteristics we seek in our candidates.

Our principle in the selection and placement of the candidates is; without any discrimination and favoring, to provide equal opportunity and the chance to advance to those who have the competences required by the job, who will adopt and sustain company values. 

The applications may be made through the "General Application” section on our web site for evaluation for future posts, and our current job postings may be seen in detail through the site:

All submitted applications are saved to our Human Resources CV data bank within the frame of confidentiality principles.

All candidates are informed regarding the result of the hiring process. 

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